From the archives...

Here are some of our favourites, but definitely not all of them:  pictures are still coming

Cinnamon Ghost Crunch - cinnamon granola with ghost pepper chili, and creme fraiche icing on a yeast donut

The Springfield - blueberry icing with sprinkles on a yeast donut

Chocolate and hazelnut - chocolate glaze with crushed and toasted hazelnuts on a yeast donut

Jelly Filled - a yeast donut filled with a seasonal jam or jelly and rolled in icing sugar

The Godfather - a yeast donut filled with almond frangipane, a brandy icing and toasted almonds

Walts' Special Coffee - a yeast donut filled with a Kahlua and panama jack cream, coffee icing

Apple Fritter - apples and cinnamon, yeast donut, plain glaze

Strawberry Cheesecake - yeast donut filled with strawberry cream cheese, a strawberry, plain icing and graham crumbs

The Margarita - lime curd in a yeast donut, tequila and lime icing and maldon salt

S'mores - yeast donut, burnt marshmallow, graham crumbs, chocolate drizzle

Peanut Butter and Honey - yeast donut, peanut butter icing, honey icing, crushed and toasted peanuts

Brown Butter Glazed - yeast donut, brown butter glazed

Honey Cruller - egg dough, honey icing

Cardamom Cruller - egg dough, cardamom icing

Boston Cream - yeast donut filled with vanilla pastry cream, chocolate icing

Torrone - yeast donut, honey and almond paste icing, candied orange

Seasonal Berry Long John - yeast donut, cream, fresh fruit, icing sugar

Yummy donut!

This is the world famous black and pink donut.  Tee hee
Maple Bacon Donut
This is the donut that made us famous - the maple bacon!


Peanut butter mousse and burnt marshmallow

Banoffee Pie

Banana filling with toffee icing and graham crumbs

Ginger is coming.  While not technically a donut, still impressive.
Just a little GOT humour for you.